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Monte de Santo António - Turismo em Espaço Rural
Sítio da Charruada, 8650 Vila do Bispo | GPS: 37.062776, -8.938692 | Phone: (+351) 917 798 288 | Fax: (+351) 289 240 913 | Email:
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The Monte de Santo António is the perfect cenario for a few days of pure rest. For an escape to stress, and for introspective moments....

Far enough to get "off", to sleep, to walk, to laze under the sun and admire the nature that embraces the Monte.
Despoiled, so you to get carried away by the quietness of sunny days, by the wildness landscape of the Parque Natural da Costa Vicentina, the wild and sweet aromas of rock rose, by the birds that make this area of ​​the Algarve their migration routes... by the sounds from the sheep bells, by the sea salt and the countryside....

From the windows you can admire the fields that surround the hill with its chromatic nuances that vary depending on the seasons, and a little further... the sea, in its total fullness and grandeur.

Monte de Santo António is the perfect location for those who like to split between the beach and countryside. Located between Vila do Bispo and Sagres, any beach is close enough so you can choose the south or west coast.... or simply do nothing and let you be influenced by the green of the landscape during the day and the evening tripping stars that invite you to contemplation and to several talking hours, only interrupted by some stubborn cicada singing a little bit louder....

This is the Algarve of the senses. Welcome!